Our Story

JONATHAN ANDREW is proud to be one of the fastest growing modern brands creating premium stylish eye-catching watches, jewellery and high-end accessories, without the expensive price tags of course. Jonathan Andrew eliminates typical industry shortcuts with a strong focus on quality craftsmanship and fair pricing.

Looking good is a lifestyle and plays a significant role in holistic health and confidence. However, luxury items, styles and trends are extremely overpriced in 2021. "You don't have to pay a million dollars to look a million dollars".

Dress to impress with our range of products that are guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression where ever you go in the world! 


Our Products

Only a limited amount of Jonathan Andrew watches are designed, created, and sold worldwide during each release. This makes every single Jonathan Andrew watch a limited edition masterpiece. Each watch has a unique hidden number which means it will not be made again after they sell out.

We also sell high-end luxurious accessories so that you can travel in style no matter where you go or what you are wearing. Looking good is a lifestyle, it doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to look good.